The appointment.

A typical eye examination lasts around 30 minutes. It may take longer if there are complicated conditions to address.

We prioritise patient comfort and care, so examinations are conducted in spacious, air-conditioned consulting rooms offering complete privacy.  Our highly trained optometrists use the latest technology, with each room boasting its own equipment.  This means the examination is largely conducted in the same room.


Here's what we look at:

-       Any symptoms, concerns and history

-       Vision

-       How well the eyes work together

-       Your prescription (determining your prescription will require a minimum of 10, but up to around 50 tests)

-       Front of eye health

-       Corneal mapping

-       Inside eye health

-       Eye pressure

(We no longer use little frames that sit on the end of your nose when we check your eyes, those belong with the Victorians!)

3D retinal scans and visual fields tests, which are often used to support the core eye examination, are also undertaken in a dedicated, private space. These tests take around 15 minutes.

Please bring your current glasses, and any old spare pairs, with you to your appointment. For contact lens wearers, it’s really helpful if you can come in wearing your lenses and bring a sample of the packaging so we know exactly what you are using. If you have a copy (and you are a new patient), your current prescription would also be helpful.



If you have been referred by a eye surgeon, GP or hospital, you will need to bring the referral letter or other references provided by them. We are directly contracted to a number of private medical insurance companies who directly reimburse us, including Aviva, Cigna and BUPA



We are a child - and parent - friendly practice. We have a selection of toys, books and games in the consulting rooms. We understand an appointment can feel like a long time for small ones.