Our Equipment.

Here's a sample of the amazing equipment we have in the practice that enables us to investigate your eyes, even below the surface!

Seeing below the surface...

Zeiss 3D OCT Laser scanner. 

We have taken pictures of the back of the eye for over 10 years but the OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) enables us to see both in 3D as well as underneath the surface of the retina. The result is we get a view of early signs of conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. In turn, you have greater confidence in the accuracy of our assessment of your eye health. 

Mapping the cornea = perfect contact lens fit...

Mapping the cornea = perfect contact lens fit...

Corneal Topographer. 

The corneal analyser takes a three-dimensional map of the curvature of the cornea and is essential during both the design and fitting stages of contact lenses. It measures the position and height of several thousand points across the entire cornea, which is critical for determining the quality of vision.

Corneal topography is also instrumental in diagnosing and monitoring keratoconus and other corneal disease. 

Measuring the quality of the peripheral vision...

Measuring the quality of the peripheral vision...

Zeiss Visual fields - the Gold Standard. 

Humphrey Threshold Visual Field Analysis.

Your field of vision is every area that you can see with your eyes pointing straight ahead. It is important to have a wide field of vision to help us navigate around, especially when walking or driving. Unfortunately you can lose part or all of your visual field in many different ways including through cataracts, glaucoma, strokes, circulatory disorders, neurological conditions, certain brain tumours and even smoking. It is essential to have your visual field assessed regularly as many conditions, if caught early, can be treated.

Our Humphrey Visual Field Analyser is considered the gold standard in advanced visual field testing (and is the instrument recommended by ophthalmologists). It accurately assesses how wide and sensitive your visual field is. Unlike basic visual field screening, which concentrates on assessing large chunks of your vision at a time, the Humphrey Visual Field Analyser can pick up even very subtle defects in your visual field by analysing each nerve pathway in detail. This allows the detection of problems. However even a perfect visual field should be measured regularly to provide an accurate individual baseline for monitoring future changes, again potentially allowing earlier diagnosis of problems.

Nautilus - a 3D Virtual Reality vision demonstrator...

Nautilus - a 3D Virtual Reality vision demonstrator...



Experiencing lenses and coatings like never before. 

Nautilus places you in the middle of the demonstration, simulating your future vision solution. 

Nautilus simulates in three different ways: 3D virtual scenes, 360 degree reality and augmented reality. You are able to compare multiple lens designs and feel what works best. By experiencing situations virtually, such as walking down stairs or looking around a picture gallery, you will be able to see the difference a premium quality multifocal lens makes to your vision.

You will see the impact of distortion, the effects of dust or fog, and the benefits of polarised and transition lenses. 



See what Nautilus is all about.